May 13, 2013

South Salem Apothecary

South Salem Apothecary is a family-run and family-owned compounding pharmacy.  Our goal is to make you feel as if you are a member of our family.  We pride ourselves on friendly and prompt service.  We cherish the opportunities to get to know all about our patients, not just what medication that they are taking. That is why we get to know our patients as people, not numbers or medications. We  understand that in this world of numbers, it is nice to be known personally, rather than as just an ID or refill number.   After all, health and wellness isn't just about the medications that you take.  At South Salem Apothecary, we love what we do and who we get to work for: you. Let us show you the difference that a locally-owned independent compounding pharmacy can bring you.

Phone Number: 503-967-2405

Address: 990 Commercial Street Southeast, Salem, OR 97302

Map: click here

Last Updated: May 13, 2013