August 15, 2013

Smith's Drugs of Forest City

Smith's Drugs has grown from a small town pharmacy into a regional provider of products and services...where hometown values have prevailed since 1939.

Immunizations are not just for babies. They have come to play a big role in maintaining health through a lifetime. Several vaccines have become common for adults, especially older adults. To meet this growing need, we have several pharmacists who have advanced training and who have completed the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy immunization certification program. We offer flu, pneumonia and shingles vaccine during normal business hours. We are able to bill medicare for flu and pneumonia vaccines. This year, get your vaccines in a convenient, friendly place…..Smith’s Drugs.

One of the best ways to prevent a medication error is to know your pharmacist and know your medication. That’s why we offer extended one-on-one consultations. This focused assessment involves a thorough review of all prescription and non-prescription medications and supplements the patient is taking.

High blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol are common health concerns. Come in and we can check your blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol. It’s good to know your values to identify potential risks for disease and make early detection practical.

During your consultation time, our pharmacist will review when and how to take your medications, identify drugs that are duplications of therapy and assess if you require a medication change due to side effects or interactions with other drugs. Our pharmacist will then contact your doctor to discuss the recommended changes. Some insurances, including Medicare, may cover this service.

Phone Number: 828-245-4591

Address: 139 East Main Street, Forest City, NC 28043

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Last Updated: August 15, 2013