October 16, 2013

Lakemont Pharmacy

Lakemont Pharmacy was established by Drs. Ae and Mike Wongkaew to serve the health care needs of the Lakemont Community.

The planning for the store began in Summer 2012, about a year before the store opening. Ae was working as a pharmacy manager at a 24-hour chain pharmacy store in Bellevue at that time. Seeing how Ae had always been so passionate about the wellness of her patients and dedicated to highest level of customer service, Mike encouraged Ae to establish her own practice so her passion and devotion can benefit the community at a greater level.

As residents of Bellevue, Mike and Ae identified the Lakemont area as the community within Bellevue that would most benefit from having a pharmacy. Without a local pharmacy, customers would need to drive up to 3 miles to an out-of-area pharmacy to get their prescription filled. The 20 minutes of time spent driving round-trip to an out-of-area pharmacy could have been better shared with their loved ones.

The commercial lease in the Lakemont Village was secured in late February 2013 to be the then future home for Lakemont Pharmacy. Having an engineering background, Mike, with the guidance of Ae, designed the store with a few key goals in mind: functionality and the needs of pharmacy patrons. This led to a provision of a private office in Lakemont Pharmacy where immunization and consultation can be offered while the privacy of our customers is maintained.

Phone Number: 425-644-6080

Address: 4935 Lakemont Boulevard SE, Bellevue, WA 98006

Map: click here

Last Updated: October 16, 2013