May 10, 2013

KidsMeds Pharmacy

KidsMeds Pharmacy is a pediatric pharmacy specializing in children's medications.

Yucky medicines? We can flavor most liquid medications, making them easier for kids to take. We have over 40 kid-tested flavors to choose! Our staff is very familiar with which medications flavor well and which ones are more difficult to mask. We can help kids pick the flavor that works best for their medication.

Does your child need a liquid form of a medication but the medication prescribed only comes in a capsule or tablet? Sometimes the capsule dose or tablet dose is too large for a child and cannot be cut accurately. KidsMeds Pharmacy staff will work with the patient, the family and the doctor to design a medication that your child will be willing to take every day.

Our pharmacists can work with your pediatrician to suggest different dosages forms like rapid dissolve tablets (RDT), suppositories, gummi bear medications, creams or gels to be sure your child gets the needed medication. We can even make anti-gag, fluoride, or pain-relieving candies.

Phone Number: 205-824-0775

Address: 1936 Old Orchard Road, Birmingham, AL 35216

Map: click here 

Last Updated: May 13, 2013