July 9, 2013

Headland Pharmacy

We want to serve you. We are Headland Pharmacy. My roots grow deep in Headland and Henry County. We try to do more for you than simply fill your prescription. There is so much more involved in this process now days, with all of the new medications available, and all the complications that the New Healthcare Programs that control what medications are covered, you need a Pharmacist that will advocate for you and look out for your best interest in this maze of prescriptions, drug interactions, and insurance issues, formularies, prior authorizations, multiple physicians, changing prescription laws which we all face each day, today. Most of the time our service is pretty darn quick in spite of all these obstacles, just remember if you have to wait a few minutes we are more than likely trying to solve some problem for you or the person just ahead of you, so that you can get the right medicine, on time, for the best price available, just as your physician has ordered it. Most of the time you do not even realize the extra effort that is going on while you wait... just my 2 cents worth... we are all in a hurry, probably me most of all, but as I heard a dear friend and loyal long time customer tell another customer in the store several years ago... "honey just relax, you know it even takes time for 'Lightning to strike,' he'll take care of you as soon as he can." I still remind Gloria C. of her comment that day. I love each one of you as my own family and appreciate each of you, because with out you Headland Pharmacy would not exist........Thx, Steve Floyd

Phone Number: 334-693-3324

Address: 202 Holman Drive, Headland, AL 36345

Map: click here

Last Updated: July 9, 2013