July 7, 2015

Gregory Jacobs, RPh, LDE

Gregory Jacobs joins RxWiki with 24 years experience. Gregory enjoys being of service to others as he finds helping people as a healthcare provider to be very fulfilling. He has been a registered pharmacist since 1991, and has worked retail up through management as well as home health care and clinics in equally demanding clinical roles. Gregory played a vital role in winning an Outcomes Top MTM Centers Award in 2011 for his pharmacy. He believes medication therapy management is quickly becoming a pharmacist's best means to intervene and provide faster clinical outcomes for better patient health and economic cost containment. Gregory is also a Licensed Diabetic Educator. He sees this position also becoming an important part of the future. He believes emerging technologies allow healthcare providers a chance to intervene directly by educating diabetic patients in the most effective and efficient diabetic care options for health trends as well as demographic and patient specific care.

Last Updated: July 17, 2015