November 27, 2012

George R. Brown, MD

“In the 1970s, as a radiation oncology specialist from the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, I came to Austin to bring leading-edge cancer treatments to people who needed it. My mission has never changed. For the past three decades, I’ve helped introduce many state-of-the-art treatments and have assisted in making cancer care in Austin what it is today. More importantly, during that time I have helped thousands of people face cancer with courage and hope. In fact, for me, this is what cancer care is all about. Excellence depends on genuinely caring for our patients and putting our hearts into all we do.

“In my experience, compassion is among the most important components in fighting cancer. Understanding each person’s disease and how to best treat it requires a lot of direct personal contact and dedication. It takes careful attention to detail and intent listening. It involves a relationship between me, the patient and their loved ones. In other words, it requires that I make a commitment of heart and soul for each person in my care. That motivates me to increase my knowledge, advance my capabilities and always strive for each person’s recovery.”

Last Updated: April 29, 2013