November 27, 2012

Douglas J. Rivera, MD

“Cancer is an enormous health problem, and it affects many, many people’s lives each year. My own experience with a loved one who had cancer forever made me aware that this disease is as personal as it is significant. And it helped motivate me to become a physician and cancer specialist. In particular, I wanted to help people heal… both physically and emotionally.

“As an experienced oncologist, this is still my motivation. And I find it both an important responsibility and a real privilege to play a role in caring for people who battle this disease. This is why I commit myself completely, and I’m proud to do it. While the challenge is tremendous and the involvement in the lives of patients and their families is often intense, I find it very rewarding. Each new person with cancer I meet represents an opportunity for me to make a real difference and to help turn a cancer patient into a cancer survivor. For that reason and many others, I strive to provide the most attentive, effective and advanced care possible. And I do it with heartfelt empathy, guidance and support.”

Last Updated: April 29, 2013