November 7, 2013

American Home Pharmacy

If you’re taking six or more medications, American Home Pharmacy can help. American Home Pharmacy makes it easy for patients taking six or more prescription medications each month to manage their medications. We are a specialty pharmacy that focuses solely on working with patients who are on multiple medications. These patients and also their caregivers are often faced with a variety of issues when dealing with the management of multiple medications. These include:

  • Transportation to the pharmacy multiple times during the month
  • Refills of prescription medications needed at different times during the month
  • Required physician appointments needed prior to each refill
  • Filling weekly or monthly pillbox once the medications are home
  • Updating new physicians and existing physicians of your current list of medications


At American Home Pharmacy, we take care of all of these challenges for our clients and we don’t charge anything extra for the service. Since we’re not a retail pharmacy, we’ve taken the money that we would have spent on an expensive corner location and put it into providing personalized home pharmacy care and services.

American Home Pharmacy has a staff of pharmacists who are specially trained to work with patients and their physicians to make managing medications easier, with less stress and more accuracy. If you or someone you know takes six or more prescription medications per month, call or fill out a form and we’ll put our team to work to make the hassles of multiple medications a thing of the past.

Phone Number: 501-745-4266

Address: 129 Bone Street, Clinton, AR 72031

Map: click here

Last Updated: November 7, 2013