Leakage Problems

Overactive bladder issues are embarrassing and annoying

(RxWiki News) People who have bladder control problems can find themselves in an uncomfortable situation if they have an accidental leakage.

Researchers have found that frustration is highly common among women receiving treatment for their urinary problems.

"Women are more annoyed than embarrassed by their overactive bladder."

In order to see what leads women to seek treatment for bladder control problems, Nancy Muller, of the National Association for Continence, conducted a survey of women between 40 and 65 years of age with overactive bladder. 

These findings, the study's authors explain, suggest that doctors and other health care professionals need to do more to educate women about their treatment options.

She found that 78 percent of the 611 women who responded sought treatment because they were frustrated by their symptoms of overactive bladder.

Muller also found that 39 percent of the women felt annoyed by their symptoms, compared to the 24 percent who said they felt embarrassed. Among women who were being treated for overactive bladder, 68 percent said they had problems with urinary leakage while not making it to the toilet on time.

This might help explain why only 22 percent of the women were satisfied with their current treatment.

Review Date: 
April 7, 2011