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New fitness training system that can shorten recover time

(RxWiki News) People fall, trip, or slip all the time, but what happens when you twist, tear, or break something? Recovery time for injuries that impair muscle function can vary greatly.

Accidents are just waiting to happen, but how can we make the recovery process easier? Physical therapists and medical experts have a hard time knowing how recovery is going because training machines are often not widely accessible and readily available. The “eTraining” system will allow better flow of information between doctors and training specialists.

"eTraining helps patients recover from accidents more quickly."

Sven Meister and team from the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST in Dortmund have come up with an interface that will readily transfer patient fitness training to a medical practice computer system or hospital information system.

The eTraining system will help patients and doctors to provide better information and measure how much effort is being applied. The system inputs the patients training plan, training data, and personal measurements that can viewed by authorized personnel.

All that’s left to do is make sure the system is compatible with all health care IT systems. The type of information the system gives to medical experts is still being discussed because of course, every individual is different.

Rest assured though, Ergo-fit and ISST together are making machine-based training the way to recover.

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May 10, 2011