Got Migraines? Check Your Heart

Migraines in women may mean slightly raised heart disease risk

(RxWiki News) Women who have been diagnosed with migraines may have a slightly raised risk of heart disease events and heart-related death, a new study found.

The American and German authors of this study said these results could mean migraines may be considered a marker for cardiovascular health problems in women.

These researchers looked at 115,541 women for 20 years and found that the 15.2 percent of patients were diagnosed with migraines. Women with migraines were more likely than those who hadn't been diagnosed with migraines to have an increased risk for heart disease, stroke, heart attack and angina.

Over the follow-up period, researchers found 1,329 major heart disease events and 223 deaths occurred. 

These researchers also found a link between women who had been diagnosed with migraines and heart-related deaths. 

The authors called for further research on this subject to examine the link between migraines and heart disease. They also call for additional research to identify strategies to reduce the risk of heart disease in those diagnosed with migraines. 

This study was published recently in The BMJ. The authors disclosed no outside funding sources or conflicts of interest.

Review Date: 
June 1, 2016