Cheers for Healthy Men

Mens Health Month focuses on prevention and screening activities all through June

(RxWiki News) One of the best gifts a dad could wish for on Father's Day is to continue living a long, healthy life with his children. Kids and families might be able to help with that, as well as any guy in the family, during Men's Health Month.

Different organizations will be promoting health screenings, outreach activities and other health education opportunities across the nation for Men's Health Month all during the month of June.

According to the Men's Health Network, men have a shorter life expectancy than women by more than five years. Men had a higher death rate in the top-three leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, and injuries from accidents.

"Schedule your annual physical exam."

The goal of Men's Health Month, led by the Men's Health Network, is to encourage early detection and treatment of preventable diseases among the male population, as well as to increase awareness of preventable health problems in boys and men.

Men's Health Network is a non-profit educational organization focused on improving the health and wellbeing of men, boys and their families across the country.

The network coordinates corporate, government, fraternal and religious outreach activities regarding men's health and has chapters in more than 25 foreign countries.

And men were at a greater risk of death in every age group than women. Compared to women, a higher percentage of men have no healthcare coverage and attend half as many preventative doctors' visits.

To spread the word and raise funds for Men's Health Awareness, the organization is promoting individuals and groups have their own "Wear Blue Day" or conduct a mini health fair.

If consumers are short on time to organize a large-scale event, the Men's Health Network has a number of brochures to share on various men's issues, including heart health, blood pressure, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

For a more extravagant affair, the network suggests holding a 5K Walk across town, setting out donation jars at local businesses or asking local health educators, doctors and nurses to give a lecture during the event.

On a more personal level, individuals can plan fitness activities integrating dad's or grandpa's favorite sport during lunch or after work.

In addition to the month of men's health activities, the week leading up to Father's Day, June 10-16, is designated as Men's Health Week.

Have an event for to promote guys' health? Put it out there and let Men's Health Network know what's happening. Send plans to or call 202-543-6461 x 101.

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May 31, 2013