Mary Tyler Moore "Recovering Nicely"

Mary Tyler Moore Brain Surgery Goes Well

(RxWiki News) Beloved television actress Mary Tyler Moore, is "recovering nicely" following surgery to remove a benign (non cancerous) brain tumor, according to spokeswoman, Erica Tarin.

The veteran sitcom star will require no additional treatment after the four-hour procedure. Tarin did not say when or where the surgery took place.

Moore had a meningioma, a common, benign tumor that grows in the meninges, three thin layers of tissue covering the brain and spinal cord. These are generally slow-growing tumors and remain in place unless they are causing a problem.

About 20 percent of all brain tumors are meningiomas. They most often appear in people over the age of 60. They occur in women twice as often as men.

Mary Tyler Moore is probably most famous for her roles in sitcoms The Dick Van Dyke Show and later The Mary Tyler Moore Show. She is 74 and an active advocate for juvenile diabetes.

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May 13, 2011