Three Rare Diseases Get New Treatment Option

Ilaris (canakinumab) approved to treat three rare conditions

(RxWiki News) The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new treatment option for three rare diseases.

This treatment is Ilaris (canakinumab), which was already approved to treat a type of arthritis of in children referred to as systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (SJIA). In addition, canakinumab was previously approved for the treatment of Cryopyrin-Associated Periodic Syndromes (CAPS), a periodic fever syndrome.

Now, the FDA has approved canakinumab to treat three additional periodic fever syndromes. These diseases are auto-inflammatory diseases, hereditary and include Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Associated Periodic Syndrome (TRAPS), Hyperimmunoglobulin D Syndrome (HIDS)/Mevalonate Kinase Deficiency (MKD) and Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF).

Those with periodic fever syndromes cannot maintain interleukin 1 beta, a chemical in the body, at the normal level. As a result, these conditions are marked by severe muscle pain and periodic attacks of inflammation and fever.

This medication is available as an injection that is to be given under the skin.

Common side effects of canakinumab include injection-site reactions and an increased risk of catching a cold.

Canakinumab can lower the immune system’s ability to fight infections. As a result, a serious side effect associated with this medication is an increased risk of severe infections. 

This medication is manufactured and distributed by Novartis Pharmaceuticals.