Idaho Goes Organic

Idaho Organic Week to showcase organic products

(RxWiki News) Demands in organic products are higher than ever, and Idaho - famous for its spuds - is putting on its duds during its first-ever "Organic Week".

During "Idaho Organic Week", June 18-24, producers and farmers from all over the state will focus on spreading the news about the bounty of organic products Idaho offers.

"Idaho Organic Week showcases diversity of organic products."

Idaho ranked among the top 10 states for producing many different organic foods - including vegetables, milk, meats, cheese and wine. The state is also ranked number one in non-food products, including barley and grain seeds.

A total of 254 organic operations with 111,000 cropland acres and 37,000 acres of pasture and range land, is devoted to organic production, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It's no wonder they want to showcase their products!

Organic farming is a challenge, but well worth it for people who do it right, says Lee Rice, owner of Rice Family Farm. A lot of hard work goes into being a certified organic farmer - tons of paper work and creative weed control.

In the end though, if you have a good quality product then you can make a profit, he adds.

Sales of organic products topped $71 million in 2010, and the industry is still growing - about 9.5 percent - each year.

So while more producers join the organic industry, consumers can reap the benefits of these tasty, nutrition and pesticide-free products.

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June 22, 2011