Eat More Protein to Eat Less Overall

High protein diet enhances fullness and weight loss

(RxWiki News) Most Americans eat more food than they need. Consuming a protein-rich diet throughout the day, and especially in the morning, could help you feel more full without overeating.

Eating more protein in the morning could help people eat less throughout the day. Consuming high-protein eggs, specifically, may help reduce calorie intake.

"Eat a high-protein breakfast in the morning to lose wieght."

Lead author, Heather Leidy, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at the University of Missouri, found that a higher-protein diet resulted in greater fullness and better late-night and morning appetite control in overweight or obese men.

The study, which is published in the journal Obesity, included 27 men divided into two groups: one group ate 25 percent of their calories from protein — identified as the high protein group — the second group ate 14 percent of calories from protein — known as the normal protein group.

Participants who ate between 18 to 35 percent of calories from protein felt less hungry and more full throughout the remainder of the day and into the evening.

This study supports a 2010, journal of Nutrition Research study, which specifically showed that eggs were a good breakfast choice. Participants who were asked to eat eggs for breakfast consumed even fewer total daily calories.

Protein is an important part of a healthy diet. Eat a complete healthy breakfast by including eggs with whole grain toast, fruits, vegetables and low-fat or skim milk, Serena Ball, M.S., R.D., nutrition consultant and advisor to the Egg Nutrition Center, suggests.

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July 13, 2011