Free N95 Masks Coming to Local Pharmacies

Federal government sends free N95 masks to pharmacies and health centers

(RxWiki News) Everyone loves to get something for free, and if you stop by your community pharmacy, you may find there's a free mask waiting for you.

And it won't be just any mask — it will be a high-quality N95 mask meant to protect you and others from the spread of COVID-19.

These free masks are the result of a recent move by the federal government to deliver more than 400 million N95 masks to local pharmacies and community health centers across the United States.

Recently, health officials announced that well-fitted respirator masks (like N95 masks) offer the most robust protection against COVID-19.

The masks are coming to local pharmacies from the Strategic National Stockpile, which held around 750 million N95 masks before distribution recently began, according to CNN.

The Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) said that the initial phase of the mask rollout will include between 100 and 200 pharmacies and health centers across the country. In the coming weeks, the HRSA plans to add more locations to the list.

According to the HRSA website, only adult-sized masks will be available in the initial stages of this program. And individuals will be limited to three masks each.

Health centers and pharmacies will be required to offer these masks completely free of charge and with no other required purchases.

Contact your local pharmacy to ask about the recently distributed N95 masks and any other COVID-19 prevention tools you are interested in.

Review Date: 
January 27, 2022