Epinephrine Devices Recalled

Auvi-Q (epinephrine injection) recalled by Sanofi for possible inaccurate dosage delivery

(RxWiki News) An epinephrine injection during a serious allergic reaction can be a lifesaver. But one brand of epinephrine injectors has been recalled because they might not deliver a lifesaving dose.

Pharmaceutical company Sanofi US is recalling all Auvi-Q currently on the market because they might not deliver the advertised dose of epinephrine.

"If a patient experiencing a serious allergic reaction (i.e., anaphylaxis) did not receive the intended dose, there could be significant health consequences, including death because anaphylaxis is a potentially life-threatening condition," according to a Sanofi press release.

Anaphylaxis can result from exposure to allergens like peanuts or bee stings. The condition can send patients into shock and cause a sharp drop in blood pressure and narrowing of the airways. Epinephrine can reduce the effects of the allergic reaction.

Sanofi announced that it had received 26 reports of problems with Auvi-Q devices. So far, no deaths have been reported.

According to Sanofi, this recall includes all Auvi-Q on the market — including the 0.15 and 0.3 milligram strengths. The recalled products have expiration dates between March and December 2016.

The company is in the process of reaching out to those who might have received one of the recalled products.

"Customers should immediately contact their healthcare provider (HCP) for a prescription for an alternate epinephrine auto-injector," according to the Sanofi press release. "In the event of a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis), patients should only use their Auvi-Q device if another epinephrine auto-injector is not available, and then call 911 or local medical emergency services."

Health care professionals and patients should report any side effects related to Auvi-Q to the FDA.

Review Date: 
October 29, 2015