Globally Anxious

Anxiety disorders rising across the world

(RxWiki News) While a business intelligence report released earlier this year forecasted a financial growth in the global anxiety disorders market, the humane effects cause medical concern.

Local news from United States to China report anxiety on the high this week, pleading for increased awareness and treatment. Health professionals in Wisconsin and Hong Kong both recognized increases in anxiety disorders in patients.

"Treatment recommended for increased anxiety disorder across the world."

Global Industry Analysts, Inc., a U.S. world leader in business intelligence, released news in April that anxiety disorder treatment sales are expected to rise through 2017, with key growth factors including increasing stress levels, the financial crisis, increasing incidence/prevalence of anxiety disorders and the development of modern therapeutics.

In their largest market, the United States, medical experts are seeing some of these signs. The Executive Director of Pupil Services in the Beliot, WI school district tells the Beliot Daily News about his experiences, noting a substantial increase in anxiety cases. Student cases increased over fifty-percent in five years, with 10 anxiety disorder students in 2005 compared to 25 reported last Friday.

The district partnered with members of the Beliot Area Community Health Center to help alleviate these struggles. Nursing Team Leader Bette Carr tells local papers: "we are seeing kids with increased anxiety as the overall community increases in anxiety due to economics and family situations."

A local English paper in Hong Kong also spoke of increases this week. The newspaper, The Standard, wrote a story expressing that four-percent of the city's residents suffer from anxiety disorders, especially among young mothers, representing a reported 10-20% increase in cases from 2010. In consulting the Hong Kong Familylink Health Advocacy Association, representatives communicated a linkage to the high expectations of mothers on their children in this Asian city.

A Chinese psychiatry specialist at the association, Ng Kong-man holds different concerns than Bette Carr, stating: "if a disorder is not properly addressed, it will spread across family members like an infectious disease, and will eventually affect family harmony."

Ng further recommends to those with anxiety symptoms: "Don't suffer needlessly and delay seeking treatment," Ng said. "You will only trap yourself and your family members in a vicious cycle."

With a wealth of knowledge from highly-accredited professionals in varying arenas on increasing anxiety and the factors behind it, one thing is for sure: anxiety disorders deter from quality of life and they can and should be treated. Talk to a medical health professional if you suffer from anxiety.  

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November 16, 2011