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Kidney Cancer Patients May Soon Have New Rx
The results of a phase III clinical trial have demonstrated that an investigational drug helped advanced kidney cancer patients live as long as those on the current standard therapy.
Drug Fails to Prolong Cancer Patient Lives
A drug often used to treat kidney and liver cancer may also fight a type of lung cancer. New research, though, shows that it does not extend the lives of lung cancer patients.
Kidney Cancer Drug Updates
At an international oncology meeting, new data has been presented on drugs that treat kidney cancer. The results have been released at the ESMO 2012 Congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology in Vienna.
Tivozanib for Advanced Kidney Cancer
Right now, there are only a handful of  drugs that are approved to treat advanced renal cell carcinoma – a type of kidney cancer. Phase 3 clinical trial results of another drug suggest kidney cancer patients may soon have a new option.
Kidney Cancer Rx Approved in Europe
Kidney cancer doesn’t usually have any warning signs until it has become pretty serious. In fact, about a third of patients are diagnosed with an advanced stage of the disease. A medication has been approved in Europe to treat kidney cancer that has spread.
The Long and Winding Cancer Clinical Trial Road
The clinical trial process is a long and winding road that has lots of twists and turns. Clinical trials comparing two kidney cancer drugs illustrate this beautifully.
Kidney Cancer Takes a Direct Hit
Treating cancer generally includes a mixture of therapies: surgery, radiation and some sort of drug therapy. Care needs to be taken that these elements don't interfere with one another.