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Breast Cancer: Knowing Your Options
Some women with breast cancer may not feel completely informed about their treatment options, according to a new study.
New Breast Cancer Rx Class Gets Good Review
A new class of breast cancer medications appeared to have manageable side effects for most patients, according to a new study.
Alternative Treatments, Chemo Use May Be Linked
Alternative treatments can be great for women with breast cancer, but they might get in the way of chemotherapy use, a new study found.
New Guidelines on Breast Cancer Screening
The American Cancer Society (ACS), an influential voice in cancer policy and clinical care in the US for more than 100 years, recently shifted its recommendations for breast cancer screening.
How to Do a Breast Self-Exam
A quick and easy self-check could make a big difference in women's health.
Are You at Risk for Breast Cancer?
Over the past few years, there has been increasing evidence that obesity may be a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes. Now another disease may be added to that list.
How a Change to Breast Cancer Surgery Might Help Patients
When it comes to breast cancer surgery, a slightly wider scope may lead to better outcomes for patients.
Mammography: Screening, Usefulness and Overdiagnosis
A mammogram each year is a good way to catch breast cancer early, right? Actually, it depends on who you ask.
Breast Cancer Screening: How Often Is Often Enough?
Most women should get screened for breast cancer every other year, according to some current guidelines. But many surgeons may recommend a schedule that adheres to different guidelines.
Breast Density: What You Don't Know Could Affect Your Health
What you don’t know about your breast density may affect your decision-making when it comes to breast cancer screenings like mammograms.