Information Persistence Delivers Adherence

RxWiki’s Adherence program enables pharmacists to better collaborate with patients to reduce costs, increase medication adherence, and improve overall health outcomes. The Ad herence program integrates four patient touch points into one program designed to deliver results.  The program includes:

  • Pharmacist-published medication encyclopedia
  • Social media channel integration
  • Point-of-sale patient education
  • Website tools
  • Mobile apps to engaged “Pre-refill-Patients”

The RxWiki Adherence program has been designed with patients’ needs in mind, taking into account feedback directly from their pharmacist. The program is based on each pharmacy’s dispensing information, the patient’s health condition, the relevant therapy(s), and demographics. Moreover, RxWiki’s Adherence program does not utilize PHI to deliver ROI to sponsors and can be geo-targeted to specific areas.

RxWiki Adherence offering includes:

Point-of-Sale: RxWiki Educate

  • Distribute trusted medication information and news through trusted professionals to patients via print, website, mobile, social, and video platforms. RxWiki enables pharmacists to ‘prescribe’ relevant medication information written in easy-to-understand language to keep patients engaged in their care.
  • Educating patients about the side effects and benefits of their medication reduces confusion and better prepares them to effectively manage their health and adhere to medication therapy.

Digital Patient Education: RxWiki Notify

  • RxWiki’s medication pages are viewed by millions of consumers each month and distributed to patients by thousands of community pharmacists nationwide. Stay ahead of the curve and be the first to know what’s being published online about your medication(s) with RxWiki Notify™.
  • When a substantive change is made to a medication page, an email is sent to subscribers. Our publishing goal for new information is 12 hours or less, guaranteeing that patients will receive critical medication updates concerning clinical developments, product launches, safety findings,  and other important information at earliest availability.

Mobile Patient Education: RxWiki Mobile

  • On-demand access to health news, customizable by medication or condition.
  • Touch-to-call feature connects patients directly with pharmacy.
  • Refill feature embedded within app.
  • RxWiki tracks the patient’s interaction within the mobile application in order to understand how the tool is being utilized, report intelligent data, and improve the product.

RxWiki Remind (coming soon)

  • Personalized Rx reminder notifications are sent to patients via the mobile and website applications. Patients are able to personalize specific medication information, and when they should take their medication. dMTM sessions occur 24x7x365.
  • Nearly half of all patients forget to take their medication, take doses at the wrong time or in the incorrect amount, or simply stop taking medications too soon. Custom reminders help patients stay on track with their medication therapy management, resulting in reduced care costs and improved quality of life.

The synchronization of digital patient education and medication therapy alerts within the care delivery workflow delivers a superior user experience. Which improves patient adherence!

Research has shown digitally-connected patients are more confident and knowledgeable about their medication therapy. These Pre-refill Patients are motivated to improve health outcomes while reducing the overall cost of care.

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Last Updated: September 3, 2013