Stress Health Center

Causes of stress can be, and usually will be, different for every person. What causes one person an extreme amount of stress may not affect another person at all. Some people thrive in stressful situations, while others shrink. While one person may find great success and enjoyment in a high pressure job, it may take a great psychological toll on another. Meanwhile, perhaps the person in the high pressure job may find incredible stress with his or her home life, while the other person's home life is a sanctuary. It will be different for every person, and you should not hesitate to speak with your physician and be honest about what is causing stress. 

Common causes of stress will include:

  • Work or career demands
  • school or education demands
  • problems with romantic relationships
  • difficulty with children or family life
  • being overextended with responsibility
  • dealing with health problems, either personal or in the family
  • dealing with aging or dependent parents
  • problems with money or making ends meet

Never feel embarrassed or ashamed about what you feel is causing you stress, and you should never feel that you should just have to 'deal with it'. Ask your doctor or therapist for help.

Review Date: 
March 14, 2012
Last Updated:
June 28, 2013