Top Digital Pharmacists

RxWiki's Top Digital Pharmacists

RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist™ network continues to see outstanding participation and market leadership!  The Digital Pharmacist solution enables each pharmacy to engage their patients through the pharmacy’s customized mobile app and social media channels.

Digital Pharmacists have chosen to educate their patients in various ways. RxWiki recognizes these world class efforts through our "Top" Digital Pharmacist Program. The leading pharmacy in each communication channel is identified below.

We will be revisiting how Digital Pharmacists are engaging their patients each month to ensure every affiliate is recognized for their efforts and hard work!

November Top Digital Pharmacists

Social Media Visitors

  1. Means-Lauf Super Drug
  2. Thrifty White Pharmacy
  3. OC Pharmacy
  4. Valley Drug and Variety
  5. Ragland Pharmacy
  6. Dans Wellness Pharmacy
  7. Norland Pharmacy
  8. Village Pharmacy Baldwin
  9. Ballweg Family Pharmacy
  10. Lloyd’s Remedies

Mobile Downloads

  1. Tarrytown Pharmacy
  2. Fowlerville Pharmacy
  3. Dripping Springs Pharmacy
  4. Highland Health Mart Pharmacy
  5. Calhoun Compounding
  6. Plateau Drugs
  7. Walter’s Pharmacy
  8. Lamar Plaza Drug Store
  9. Scott County Pharmacy
  10. Duvall Drugs

Contributing Experts

  1. Jason Poquette
  2. Mark Newberry
  3. Maggie Elyasnik
  4. Donnie Calhoun
  5. Timothy Ulbrich
  6. Nario Rene Cantu

Please contact Eric Ho or Brent Werbeck with any questions.

Last Updated: January 28, 2014