Social RxAdherence

RxWiki Social RxAdherence enables pharmacists to deliver the latest medication adherence solutions from websites, mobile apps and even from social media. RxWiki’s customized health news and medication information is just what patients need to motivate them around-the-clock.

RxWiki’s social media solution addresses the changing communication landscape between pharmacist and patients. Social Media has changed the way patients think about communication:

  • 27% of time online in 2013 was spent on social media
  • Social media is becoming more prevalent among older users
  • Digital media communication better delivers multimedia messaging

RxWiki’s condition-based social media channels keep patients engaged and in-the-know about the newest developments concerning their health. A wide variety of up-to-date, expert-reviewed topics are accessible around-the-clock by mobile and web platforms including:

  • My Health: general health and medication information at the patient’s fingertips
  • My Medication: medication-specific updates and information updated in minutes
  • My Conditions: condition-centric news and relevant tips customized for patient consumption

Get on board with the latest in social media adherence solutions via RxWiki Social RxAdherence today.

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Last Updated: February 4, 2014