October 3rd Tweet-a-Thon: Pharmacists Helping Patients

Please join pharmacists on October 3rd for a day of celebrating their contributions to health care and our communities. Using the hashtag #pharmacist, pharmacists around the world will share stories about how they have helped patients, other healthcare providers, and their communities.

October is National Pharmacist Month. Join us on October 3rd and show your support!

What is a Tweet-a-Thon?

A tweet-a-thon is an online event on Twitter where participants focus all of their tweets on a particular topic or issue.

How to participate:

•On October 3rd, tweet using the hashtag #pharmacist

•You can share stories, health tips, industry news, or invite people to ask questions!

Need a Twitter profile? RxWiki will get you activated!

1. Click here to learn more about Digital Pharmacist™ and to submit your name, email, and city/state to RxWiki

2. RxWiki will email you with your twitter log-in information.

3. Log in on October 3 to tweet using the hashtag #pharmacist

For more information please contact us at info@RxWiki.com

Last Updated: September 18, 2013