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RxWiki publishes and syndicates the leading digital medication encyclopedia created exclusively by practicing clinical and community pharmacists.  RxWiki’s pharmacist-editors create and curate the first digital medication encyclopedia published specifically for both patients and consumers.

Our publishing philosophy focuses on velocity, editor transparency, and readability:

  • Velocity: RxWiki publishes updates within hours of FDA and pharmaceutical announcements and updates
  • Transparency: RxWiki clearly identifies the name and credentials of contributing pharmacist editors
  • Readability: RxWiki’s encyclopedia targets the 8th grade reading level

Medication adherence problems in the U.S. increased healthcare costs by over $300 billion in 2012. More than 95 million people have literacy levels below what they need to understand even basic written health information such as how often to take a medicine or what side effects to expect with their therapy. By promoting both health literacy and medication adherence, RxWiki aims to lower total healthcare costs in the US by providing a powerful patient education tool created by medication experts and community health leaders.

Pharmacies and health providers are utilizing RxWiki’s Content-as-a-Service news feeds and social media solutions to maximize patient engagement, promoting patients who are more involved in managing their health, adhering to their prescriptions, and reducing healthcare expenses.

Questions? Please contact Eric Ho, RxWiki’s VP of Medication Information: Eric.Ho@RxWiki.com.

Last Updated: September 18, 2013