Digital Medication Therapy Management

Digital-Medication Therapy Management (dMTM™)

RxWiki’s digital Medication Therapy Management (dMTM) solution suite enables community pharmacists to deliver services to their patients outside of the pharmacy.
RxWiki’s dMTM solutions integrate patient education and medication therapy management services to keep patients informed and engaged in their health. Proactive, digitally connected patients that are knowledgeable about their health care will improve patient outcomes while reducing the overall cost of care.
The RxWiki dMTM offering will include:
  • RxWiki Educate - Current, trusted medication information and news delivered via social media, websites, print, email, and video platforms
  • RxWiki Notify - Up-to-the-minute alerts delivered to patients via text or email as soon as new information about their medication(s) is published or updated
  • RxWiki Remind - Personalized reminder notifications delivered via the RxWiki mobile app informing patients when to take their medication(s).
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Last Updated: May 10, 2013