November 27, 2012

Jason Kaplan, MD

"I felt compelled to choose a career in oncology for many reasons, not the least of which is that cancer is one of the biggest and most challenging issues facing healthcare today. Even though much progress has been made in the fight against cancer, the incidence is rising among many cancer types, and many people are still dying of this disease.

"It was right here in Austin, during my first semester of my freshman year of college, that I took a course in cellular and molecular biology that I believe paved the way for me to become an oncologist. What I learned was mind-opening and inspirational, and since then I have been enthralled with the science and rapidly-evolving technology involved in oncology and hematology.

"It is the day-to-day involvement with my patients and their family members, however, that has influenced me to devote my career to taking care of cancer patients, to practicing the art of oncology and not just the science. Each of my patients has a unique situation, and treatment decisions must be based not just on a medical diagnosis but must also take into account one’s entire life situation.

"What I can guarantee to my patients is not only providing state-of-the-art, evidence-based medicine but also my respect, time, honesty, and passion for the fields of oncology and hematology. I will always fully explain to my patients my assessment and recommendations and will always involve them in the decision-making process. I will be their champion and advocate."

Last Updated: April 29, 2013