Anti-Inflammatory Drug Also an Anti-Cancer Drug?

Inflammation is thought to play a role in the development and growth of cancer. Researchers have now discovered that treating inflammation may help fight breast cancer.

Stopping the Burn Might Break a Bone

It's important to take care of your heartburn because it could lead to worse problems, including cancer. Doctors often give patients certain drugs for their heartburn. Yet, like many other drugs, heartburn medications can have some serious side effects.

Marital Discord Disruptive to Infants Sleep

Happy homes make happy children. Can one say the same thing about infants? Infants in a home where marital strife abides have a much more difficult time getting restful sleep, according to a new study from Oregon State University.

Important Erectile Dysfunction Launch

With discretion, mint-flavor and convenience as its 3 middle names, a new form of Levitra is now available in the UK.

Is There an Expiration Date on Breast Cancer Medications?

After chemotherapy, surgery and/or radiation, most breast cancer survivors take medications for at least 5 years to prevent the dreaded disease from returning. That may change.

Psoriasis: Everything Old is New Again

A new class of intravenous and injectable medicines known as biologics are revolutionizing treatment for psoriasis, but they are expensive and may exhaust financial resources. Looking back at traditional therapies may be worth the time.

Smoking Causes Genetic Changes

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is not simply a smoker's cough or bronchitis. It is a chronic, under-diagnosed and life-threatening lung disease.

It's in the Genes, Not the Skin

Doctors have noticed that kidneys taken from some African-American donors for transplant don't last as long as kidneys from other donors. However, race may not have much to do with the failure of these organs.

Stroke Nightmares

When someone suffers a stroke, they need to get medical care as soon as possible. That's why it's scary to hear that so many people have strokes in the middle of the night when it's harder to get help.

BPA Exposure a No No for Pregnant Women

I want to say one word to you. Just one word: PLASTICS. In the late 60's, this famous buzzword was all about investment riches. Now, the formerly harmless little word has bad boy legs: PLASTICS.


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