Signs of Danger after Heart Surgery

While heart surgery is meant to save people's lives, it can sometimes lead to other problems or even death. Now, researchers have found a way to spot patients who are at risk of death after heart surgery.

Children With Cystic Fibrosis Benefit From Exercise

Children and teens with cystic fibrosis (CF) often have difficulty exercising due to their diminished lung performance.

Saving Old Muscle

As people get older, their muscles shrink and can easily get hurt. For these people, exercise might not be enough to keep their muscles healthy. So, it is welcome news that there may be a drug that protects muscle health.

Relearn to Move with Video Games

Video games aren't just for kids, they can be fun for adults too! But now it seems like video games can be more than just entertainment...they may be able to help stroke victims on their path to recovery.

In Which Season were you Born?

People plan their weddings, vacations, or even anniversaries during specific seasons for specific reasons. What about a child’s birth?

Major AIDS Breakthrough

Since the early 1980's, the mysterious sexually transmitted virus later known has AIDS has destroyed many lives, families and children.

Kids' Hearts Need Exercise Too

It is already known that not getting enough exercise can lead to heart problems in adults. Now it seems that even children can be faced with future heart troubles if they don't get up and get moving.

Drug Therapy Before Surgery Shrinks Breast Cancer Tumors

Women with large breast cancer tumors usually have two options - have chemotherapy to shrink the tumor before a lumpectomy - or have the entire breast removed. Now there are gentler options.

Sudden Death May be Genetic

It is shocking and sad when people die because their heart suddenly stops working. It can be hard to tell who is at risk for such a death, but there may be clues in people's genes.

Cup Size Matters in Breast Cancer Prevention

Your morning cups of java may do more than help you wake up. In fact, drinking many cups of coffee a day seems to protect against a dangerous, harder-to-treat form of breast cancer.


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