Osteoporosis Tool Approved

Sunlight MiniOmni system becomes available in America

(RxWiki News) A diagnostic tool for early assessment of osteoporosis has gained FDA approval. The device, called Sunlight MiniOmni, is already used in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Sunlight MiniOmni is a portable bone sonometer that monitors bone density. It's about the size of a hardcover book, and plugs into the USB port of a Windows laptop or computer. The tool is intended for use in a doctor's office, medical clinic, check up center, or pharmacy.

"Doctors have a new way to measure bone density."

A bone somometer uses ultrasound technology to test a patient's bone density. It's non-invasive, meaning that doctors can monitor bone health without surgery or other invasive procedures. According to BeamMed, which manufactures Sunlight MiniOmni, the product is a safe, reliable, and accurate way to monitor bone density.

Osteoporosis is characterized by low bone mass, which increases the risk of bone fractures. It's a very common condition among post-menopausal women and older men.

Many people with osteoporosis may not know that they have the condition until they suffer a fracture.

Getting diagnosed early is a good start to preventing debilitating fractures. Doctors recommend vitamin D supplements, calcium, protein, and exercise to prevent further bone density loss.

FDA approval now allows BeamMed to market Sunlight MiniOmni in the United States. The company also recently received a medical device license from Health Canada.

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November 3, 2011