FDA Warns About Cancer 'Cure'

PNC-27, a product claiming to treat cancer, found to contain Variovorax paradoxus bacteria

(RxWiki News) PNC-27, a product being promoted as a treatment or cure for cancer, may contain bacteria, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Currently, this product can be purchased online. It is available in various formulations but has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA as a safe and effective treatment for cancer.

To make matters worse, an FDA lab recently discovered that this product contained the bacterium Variovorax paradoxus in a solution sample for inhalation. The agency is warning consumers not to buy this product.

People exposed to the bacteria Variovorax paradoxus are at risk for serious and potentially life-threatening infections. Certain people, such as the very young, very old, pregnant women and those with a weakened immune system, may face an even higher risk.

The FDA said patients who have cancer should discuss their treatments with their health care providers. In addition, those who have used PNC-27 should contact their health care provider immediately.