Not All Nursery Products Are Safe

Nursery product-related injuries to young children may be on the rise

(RxWiki News) Nursery products like baby carriers may be responsible for an increasing number of injuries to young children, a new study found.

In fact, the authors of this study estimated that around 66,000 children receive one of those injuries in the United States each year. That's roughly one every eight minutes.

Looking at data from 1991 to 2011, these researchers found that these injuries appeared to decline in the first years of their study. But the last eight years saw a 23.7 percent spike in nursery product-related injuries.

The products most often tied to injuries were baby carriers, cribs and mattresses, and strollers and carriages. Around 81 percent of the injuries were to the child's face, head or neck.

The researchers behind this study recommended that parents follow the four Rs to help keep their children safe from nursery product injuries: "Do your research, check for recalls, register the product and read the manual."

Talk to your child's doctor about what objects are safe to have around infants.

This study was published in the journal Pediatrics.

The study authors disclosed no outside funding sources or potential conflicts of interest.