Blood Type: Depressed?

Nueropsychiatric blood work results helps doctors diagnosis and treat depression

(RxWiki News) Doctors will often collect information on a depressed patient's daily activities and various moods. For the first time, a blood test will give doctors relevant biological and physiological data linked to an individual's depression.

Physicians that participated in the study led by Ridge Diagnostics, Inc., argue that blood test results will change the way doctors diagnosis and treat neuropsychiatric disorders among their patients. Individuals who believe they suffer from depression or already have been diagnosed should see their doctor regarding when this new blood test will become available.

"A new blood test can identify depression, ask your doctor."

Ridge Diagnostics, Inc. selected a few groups of doctors to test this theory on a trial basis. This new evidence suggest that depression is not only psychological but biological.

This cutting-egde theory will give doctors the ability to diagnosis and treat nueropsycholgical disorders in a more accurate way. 

In Depth

  • Ridge Diagnostics, Inc. is a company that invents and markets blood-based tests to better treat and diagnosis Major Depressive Disorder
  • This new concept will be presented at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting on May 14, 2011
Review Date: 
April 11, 2011