Drink Juice, Lower Risk for Heart Disease

Just the right amount of fruits mixed together can reduce risk for heart disease

(RxWiki News) People are always trying to find easy ways to be healthier. What's easier than having a cup of juice to improve heart health?

People grow up drinking juice their whole lives. Researchers have found that a perfect blend of different fruits can improve the heart. One glass a day can keep the doctors away!

"Drink a mixture of grapes and berries each day."

French researchers discovered a perfect blend of fruits that contain the right amount of polyphenol, an element that helps relax arteries so blood can continue flowing. Following their discovery was the University of Strasbourg, who experimented with the perfect blend and 13 other combinations.

The team from the university discovered that potential benefits depended on the type of polyphenol from each fruit rather than the amount. Like they always say, quality over quantity.

The researchers also discovered that the berries that were most active in helping the heart were cranberries, lingonberries, aronia, blackcurrant and blueberries. So go, and mix up some berries and live life!

The Study

  • Scientist from University of Stratsbourg performed study
  • Tested 13 different combinations with similar quantities of vitamins and minerals
  • Tested with 80 consumers on quality of taste
  • Health benefits from types of blends depended on composition of polyphenol content more than amount
  • Perfect blend: Acerola (4 percent); Apple (10 percent); Grape (63 percent); Lingonberry (5 percent); Aronia (4 percent); Blueberry (10 percent); Strawberry (10 percent)
  • Perfect blend provides high level of vasorelaxant activity and good taste
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May 4, 2011