Expectant Mommies Keep Smiling

Good oral health vital for pregnant women to combat gingivitis, pregnancy tumors, gingival enlargement

(RxWiki News) A lot of expectant mothers lose sight of good, oral health with infrequent trips to the dentist while they’re expecting.

The fact is, oral health is essential to provide optimum health for mothers and their unborn children.  Dentists can devise a safe, effective treatment plan that is vital for combating adverse effects of poor oral health.

Women’s oral health can undergo significant changes during pregnancy, including gingivitis, pregnancy tumors, and mild to severe gingival enlargement.

“Although bleeding and inflammation of the gums has been noted in all trimesters of pregnancy, it typically disappears three to six months after delivery, provided that proper oral hygiene measures are implemented,” said Crystal L. McIntosh, DDS, MS.

“Good oral hygiene and visits to a dentist can help to alleviate gum inflammation,” she added. 

Pregnancy tumors (non-cancerous oral tumors) appear as a growth in the mouth and usually disappear after the child is born. Surgical removal is recommended if the growth is painful, bleeds severely or interferes with eating.   

Gingival enlargement – an overgrowth or an increase in the size of the gums –occurs less frequently than gingivitis and pregnancy tumors and is thought to be the result of a heightened response to bacteria in the mouth.

Because of these conditions and other potential complications, pregnant women should maintain semi-annual checkups and consult a dentist if they notice any changes in their oral health.

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