Stay Alert for Drive Safely Work Week

Drive Safely Work Week encourages drivers to have a healthy body and mind to stay focused

(RxWiki News) Do you have a bad habit of tuning out or getting distracted while you're driving? There's no better time to start being a more attentive driver than now, during Drive Safely Work Week.

Drive Safely Work Week is an annual campaign to encourage drivers to be safer in order to reduce crashes and injuries.

This year, Drive Safely Work Week focuses on how to keep drivers' minds and bodies healthy and focused in order to encourage safe driving. For each of the five weekdays, Drive Safely Work Week focuses on a different element of healthy living and safe driving.

Drive Safely Work Week encourages businesses and employers to participate and promotes responsible driving among workers. It is sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS).

"Pay attention to your surroundings while driving."

Drive Safely Work Week emphasizes the importance of being mentally present while behind the wheel. According to their website, sickness, stress and distractions can lead to crashes.

Additionally, handheld devices like cell phones have been linked to unsafe driving.

NETS encourages active driving, which means drivers should strive to be aware of their surroundings, drive unimpaired and alert and take breaks on long drives.

The second day of the Drive Safely Work Week focuses on the importance of maintaining good vision.

A corresponding tip sheet says that one in four Americans have not had an eye exam for two years. NETS urges drivers to make sure they are seeing clearly, have good depth perception and watch blind spots to avoid accidents on the road.

Drive Safely Work Week also highlights the importance of fueling up — not just your car with gasoline, but also your body with nutritious food and water.

The tip sheet says that drivers should avoid "crashes" by snacking when they feel hungry, exercising regularly to recharge and avoiding driving when they feel drowsy.

NETS also says that smart snack choices, like fruit, nuts, and water, are better than sugary foods because they won't cause a sugar crash or drop in energy.

Another important part of driving safely is to get regular check-ups for vehicles, according to Drive Safely Work Week. Proper tire pressure, functional brakes and quality tires will help to avoid crashes. NETS encourages drivers to have a back-up plan in case they do break down.

Lastly, Drive Safely Work Week encourages a healthy mind by clearing the clutter in cars to create a calmer environment. Additionally, the organizers say that the right support in a car seat is crucial for staying focused on the road.

Review Date: 
October 9, 2013