Finding Connection Over Thanksgiving

Connect with your family and food this Thanksgiving holiday

(RxWiki News) Thanksgiving isn't just about giving thanks. It's also about connection — with your friends, family and food.

And those connections are more important to your health than you might think.

Here's what you need to do this turkey day:

Connecting with Family and Friends Over Thanksgiving

A major study in 1988 found that lacking social connections was worse for your health than high blood pressure, obesity and smoking.

That's powerful. And while many other factors could be at play in that correlation, it's worth remembering around Thanksgiving.

Why? Because this is a holiday that gives you the opportunity to spend the day connecting with your friends and loved ones. And if some of those connections have soured, it's your chance to revive them.

In other words, even if you're tempted to skip the holiday gathering and meal, try your best to make it. The connections you have are likely doing much more for your health than you might think.

Oh, and while you're eating: Put away the phones and other distracting devices. Take the time to truly connect with your loved ones and friends.

Connecting with Your Food Over Thanksgiving

Ever felt connected to your food? If you've practiced mindful eating, you probably have.

And while the point of mindful eating isn't weight loss, you might find that it helps you control portions and make healthier choices — whether you're staring down a Thanksgiving buffet or not.

What is mindful eating, exactly? It's the process of savoring the moment. That means savoring each bite and making carefully considered choices about what you put on your plate.

Applied to a Thanksgiving spread, that might mean asking yourself whether you truly want to eat each available item and skipping the ones that feel unessential. It might also mean slowing down and recognizing that you have all day to enjoy the food.

Some mindful eaters like to think about where their food comes from. Others pair the foods they eat with their probable effects on health and wellbeing.

In any case, being more mindful about your food this Thanksgiving will very likely enhance your experience and make the meal at least a little bit healthier.

Review Date: 
November 17, 2022