Urine ketones

Testing for ketones in the urine is important as it can help diagnose diabetes mellitus.

Urine ketones Overview

Reviewed: April 22, 2014

When fat is broken down for energy, the body makes substances called ketones, which get passed in the urine. Large amounts of ketones in the urine may mean a very serious condition, diabetic ketoacidosis, is present. A diet low in sugars & starches, starvation, or severe vomiting may also cause ketones to be in the urine.

A normal urine collection will be negative for ketones.


Urine collection


Fasting is not required before the test

What the results mean

Ketones found in the urine may be seen with alcoholism, anorexia, diabetes mellitus, starving, a high protein diet, hyperthyroidism, and in pregnancy.