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Getting Strong Before Cancer Treatment
Treatment may not begin immediately after a cancer diagnosis. It can take a few days or a few weeks before a health team has a treatment plan. But cancer patients often want to know what they can do right away.  A new review discusses ways to take advantage of this time.
Teaching Teens to Keep Their Cool
The teenage brain has been shown to be more impulsive than a fully developed adult brain. But that doesn't mean teens cannot become less impulsive. They just need to learn how.
Being Happy Helps the Heart
Most times, it's much more pleasant to be around cheerful people. Naturally, cheeriness is positive, and it could actually impact the chances of developing heart troubles.
Sleep More, Love Better
Most couples have a little fight now and then. But there may be a surprising way to tone down the tension — make sure both of you are getting a good night's sleep.
Helping Out After Grand-Theft-Auto
The popularity of video games may lead many parents to wonder how the games affect their children. Does a violent game make kids aggressive? Does a "friendly" game teach helpfulness?
Telling Your Kids About Your Cancer Risk
Let's say breast cancer runs in your family. So you decide to have genetic testing to learn your risks. The results of your test will affect your children. Would you tell your children the results or not? 
Sexual Orientation is a Pediatric Issue
Young people who come out as gay may be faced with discrimination at school and even at home. The pediatrician's office could be one place these youth feel comfortable talking about their sexual identity.
Mindfulness in Schools
Teaching kids how to cope with the everyday stress of school and life may promote emotional well-being. Mindfulness coping strategies may also work to reduce depression.
Good News for Daycare Blues
Some moms may feel guilty about taking their children to daycare instead of staying home with them. But new research may help them feel better, especially if moms have depression symptoms.
‘Like’ Facebook, Dislike Thyself
Like traditional media, the Internet has been known to tout ‘ideals’ of female beauty. Teenagers who spend hours on the web every day may fall victim to body image issues.