Why did my pediatrician give my toddler the flu vaccine in 2 different shots?
Asked Oct 6, 2014


With flu season approaching, getting vaccinated becomes very important. How to Stay Healthy During Flu Season.

Influenza is an unpredictable and rapidly changing virus, with many different strains that circulate around the globe. Each year, scientists create a new vaccine with the three strains predicted to be most common. That's why you have to get a new flu shot each year.

With that being said, for infants and children 8 years of age and younger who have never received a flu vaccine, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a series of 2 doses of the flu vaccine at least 4 weeks apart.

Once an infant or child 8 years of age and younger has received a total of 2 doses of the flu vaccine after July 1, 2010, the child is considered immunized. After receiving a total of 2 doses, the child should receive only one flu shot every year.

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answered Oct 7, 2014
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