Does Tamiflu prevent people from getting the flu?
Asked Apr 16, 2014


Tamiflu (oseltamivir) is a medication used to treat symptoms of influenza or to prevent people from developing flu symptoms if they have been exposed to the virus. However, until recently, not all of the clinical trial data had been available to determine how effective oseltamivir is.

A recent study was completed and looked at the possible benefits and harms of (oseltamivir) based on the available clinical trials and research. Raising Questions about Tamiflu

The researchers found some evidence suggesting oseltamivir may reduce the likelihood a person would have flu symptoms, especially in a household with other family members who had the flu. However, this finding was based on one study, and the medication did not seem to reduce the likelihood of spreading the flu in this case.

Studies showed among adults who took oseltamivir to prevent flu symptoms experienced side effects such as headaches and psychiatric side effects. Overall, (oseltamivir) seemed to offer both benefits and harm. The use of (oseltamivir) as a preventative measure will ultimately depend on the individual's situation.

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