Is there a way that vitamins can help prevent or slow multiple sclerosis?
Asked Mar 25, 2014


Multiple sclerosis affects many patients and their families on a daily basis. Despite the growing amount of research into the disease, the cause of MS is still unknown and a cure remains out of reach. However, there are new studies that show that certain vitamins and supplements can help slow the progress of multiple sclerosis.

Most recently, a study at the Harvard School of Public Health found that vitamin D can help slow down MS in patients who make sure they get enough of the vitamin early in their treatment. Vitamin D is more commonly known for helping the body absorb calcium to grow healthy bones but the new research shows that vitamin D may also play a role in maintaining healthy nerves. Patients that received the recommended amounts of vitamin D early in their treatment had as much as 57% fewer lesions in the brain and nerves than similar patients who did not get enough vitamin D.

Many people fail to get the daily recommended amount of vitamin D which can be found in supplements, certain looks like dairy and fish, and even exposure to sunlight. Most patients need a daily amount of vitamin D equal to 600IU but older patients and children may need more. Talk to you physician or pharmacist to make sure you're taking an appropriate vitamin D supplement if you need it.

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