Can viruses help cure cancer?
Asked Mar 17, 2014


Research into cancer cures has advanced in many different, surprising ways. While most patients will think of viruses in a negative light, researchers have found that their unique abilities may be a helpful in treating many different forms of cancer. 

Many viruses are highly specific and will only attack certain types of tissues. When a virus infects a cell, it uses the cell's own machinery to create more viruses. Eventually the number of viruses is too much for the infected cell to contain and the cell breaks open and dies. This releases the new viruses to infect other cells to repeat the process.

Researchers believe that certain viruses can be 'trained' to quickly kill cancer cells without hurting healthy, normal cells. Many different studies have recently found that many viruses are indeed very useful for treating cancer and have much fewer side effects than 'regular' chemotherapy drugs.

While no medications containing viruses are approved for treating cancer yet, there have been a number of very promising breakhthroughs.

To learn about one such medication visit:

A number of other new treatment types have been successful in treating cancer:

Cancer is a complex disease that many people misunderstand, learn more about the fact here:


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