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A Little Laboring Help From Your Friends
Giving birth can be a beautiful thing for women, but it's rarely easy. Fortunately, there are ways to support women during their pregnancies, labors and deliveries. And that support makes a difference.
Shedding Pounds Between Babies
Being overweight while pregnant can increase several health risks. But after you have your baby, it's not too late to try to lose the pounds if you want to have another.
Continuing Toilet Trips After Birth
A common problem among pregnant women is a constant need to use the restroom. This need can turn into a more serious condition after pregnancy if these future moms are unable to keep normal blood sugar levels while baby is in the womb.
Looking for Gestational Diabetes Early
One of the complications pregnant women can develop is gestational diabetes. Finding out the risk for gestational diabetes as early as possible can help women and care providers manage it.
What to "Expect" With a Thyroid Disorder
There are several disorders associated with the thyroid gland in the neck. It controls how the body uses energy. When it is under- or overactive, a person may have a thyroid disorder.
Depression Likelier in Abused New Moms
Bringing home a new baby is stressful on its own. But throw in the anxiety of an abusive relationship and depression may follow.
Pregnant with Bowel Trouble, But It's Ok
Women who plan on becoming pregnant can also plan for bodily changes in other areas, including bowel movements, or lack there of. Could these changes impact a pregnant woman's quality of life?
Do I Have an Ectopic Pregnancy?
A life-threatening condition in women is an ectopic pregnancy. However, it can be difficult for a woman to know if she has become pregnant and that the embryo has not implanted in her uterus.
Discussing Tea Time with Prenatal Docs?
Pregnant women have so many things to consider and discuss with their doctors as they prepare for birth, including the use of supplements or natural remedies. But is this subject getting enough discussion time between patients and physicians?
Sleeping with a Baby on the Way
Difficulty sleeping is a common problem during pregnancy. Women often report being unable to sleep comfortably. However, how pregnant women sleep might affect their babies.