Health News

Handheld, Lab-Quality HIV Test
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can’t be cured, but it can be managed with treatment. The first step is an accurate diagnosis. In remote areas, diagnosis may have just improved.
HIV Positive? Check for Skin Cancer
If you have human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), you may have a higher risk of certain types of skin cancer. With any type of skin cancer, early detection and treatment is the key.
New Vaccine Recommendation for Adults
Adults with certain immune system conditions often require different recommendations for the vaccines they can and should receive. A new vaccine has been added to these recommendations.
Got HIV? Higher Pneumonia Risk With Smoking
Smoking is unhealthy for the healthiest of people. But for people with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), smoking is even worse. Want to stay healthy with HIV? Quit smoking now.
Fulyzaq Approved for HIV Patients
This week, the US Food and Drug Administration announced approval for Fulyzaq , a drug designed to treat symptoms of diarrhea in HIV/AIDS patients. It's the first drug for this purpose to win FDA approval.
HIV Positive? Quit Smoking!
Smoking is bad for everyone, but for people with compromised immune systems like HIV patients—it’s even worse. Smoking cessation can improve HIV treatment plans.
Race Plays a Role in HIV/HCV Fatalities
These days, people with HIV are most likely to die from complications of an opportunistic infection. But can race make a difference in how disease plays out?
Hospitals See Fewer Errors With Smarter Electronic Records
Patients with HIV are tasked with taking a complicated regimen of drugs on a daily basis. But you think that staff at a hospital could keep everything straight, right?  Given the complexity of HIV medications, hospitals have issues too.
Raising AIDS Awareness Among Hispanics
Hispanics make up the fastest growing population in America. They're also among the most heavily impacted by HIV and AIDS – and an important piece of the puzzle of putting an end to AIDS.
One Type of Cancer On The Rise in HIV+ Women
The human papillomavirus – HPV – doesn’t just cause cervical cancer. It is linked to several others including anal cancer. Diagnosed in about 6,200 Americans each year, anal cancer is more common in women than in men. And some women are particularly at risk.