Health News

Controlling HIV
A diagnosis of HIV is no longer a death sentence. A recent study hinted that HIV treatments have progressed to a point at which many patients may have a normal life expectancy.
Sparking HIV/AIDS Awareness in Women
The National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day was celebrated this week on March 10. To mark the day, various organizations joined together to boost public knowledge and understanding of the impact this disease has on women.
First Baby Cured of HIV
The first documented case of a child being cured of HIV was announced this morning. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Approximately 1,000 children worldwide are infected each day with HIV.
Hard of Hearing with HIV
Many patients living with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have reported having some type of hearing impairment. Up to now, it hasn’t been clear if these patients are actually at a higher risk for hearing loss.
Dr. Koop – Former Surgeon General – Has Died
He’s probably the most famous Surgeon General who ever served this country. Dr. C. Everett Koop has died at the age of 96. The cause of his death is unknown.
HIV Testing Recommended for All
Should all people get an HIV test, or just people at high risk? These questions are at the heart of long debate about HIV testing. And the debate may be coming to an end.
Social Media for HIV Prevention
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a major public health concern. Promoting safe sex practices and encouraging HIV testing through social media may help stop the spread of HIV.
HIV Patients Need Friendly Health Care
Sticking to a prescribed treatment plan is key for HIV maintenance, but many patients find it hard to get into the swing of things. Doctors and pharmacists may be able to help with the transition.
New Method to Lower HIV Risk
Training individuals who use illegal injection drugs on safer practices may help other drug users in the community improve safety. Safer practices could lower risk of spreading HIV.
Happy HIV Patients Take Meds
Living with HIV means sticking to a pretty strict regimen of meds. Skipping those meds can be dangerous. Making HIV patients happier with their health care may help them stick with that regimen in the long run.