Health News

The Benefits of Exercise for Adults with HIV
There have been advances in HIV treatment in recent years, yet nearly half of all people infected with HIV experience life-changing, reduced brain function. New research suggests that exercise could make a big difference for these patients.
WHO Recommends Earlier Treatment of HIV
The AIDS epidemic is becoming more and more contained as doctors, researchers and organizations band together to study and fight this seemingly unstoppable virus. Fortunately, things are starting to look up.
Everyday Is a Good Day for HIV Testing
If you want to play a role in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS, there are two great ways to do so. First, get tested. Next, get involved in this year's National HIV Testing Day.
Growing Up with HIV
Medical advances have changed the future of today's patients with HIV. Most children with HIV grow into adults these days. But that presents challenges, too.
HIV meets Hep C
Many people infected with HIV or hepatitis C aren’t aware of their infections. These unknown infections can strike especially hard in underserved and poor communities.
The Dream of an HIV Vaccine
Imagine a world where HIV/AIDS is no longer a major health concern – and not because of a cure for the disease but due to  prevention of the disease before it even strikes. That is the dream for many researchers and health workers focused on fighting HIV.
Widening the Net for HIV Tests
Many people only consider getting an HIV screening after they think there has been a risk of exposure. Times may be changing. A few health officials are saying that this way of thinking should change.
Early Weaning in HIV Positive Feeding?
Breastfeeding may be seen as optional in the Western world. But in other places, it may be necessary for the survival of the child, even if the mother has HIV.
The Critters Change After You're Cut
One of the decisions parents of boys must make is whether to circumcise their sons. But uncircumcised men can also decide to become circumcised if they wish.
Increasing Knowledge of HIV
National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NNHAAD) will be celebrated on March 20 in Native communities across the country.